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Dear Emerson Institute Community: Our thoughts are with you as we move through the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. Local, state, and federal directives evolve daily, and we are adapting along with them in order to do our part to halt the spread of Covid-19 and to keep communities around the world safe and healthy. Please note that while our physical office is closed and in-person appointments are canceled, our school remains open and operational and we are doing everything we can to serve students. 

We understand this is a difficult time for all. We remain committed to our students and we are determined to see this through with kindness, compassion, optimism, and appreciation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will respond as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience.

Love and light,
Rev. Dr. Angelo Pizelo
President, Emerson Institute

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Us

Since its beginnings in 1992, Emerson has promoted an understanding and embodiment of the Universal Principles so that each person can pursue unlimited spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social potential.

Now, over two decades later, Emerson and its many affiliated centers located throughout the United States continue to stand for these principles embodied in its many graduates who have brought New Thought into many occupations and fields of interest. The grads are co-creating at such professions as classroom teaching, art, writing, publishing, adult education, health and nutrition, business, curriculum creation, chaplain and ministerial work.

Emerson graduates truly believe that by changing their thinking they can positively change their lives — everything is possible.

Not sure where to start?

Check out our Degrees and Classes. Or simply reach out to us and we will work with you to find a program that best suits your needs.

What kind of degree program is best for me?

Emerson offers degrees ranging from Bachelor of Religious Studies to Doctor of Religious or Spiritual Studies and Doctor of Divinity. Together with your advisor at registration you will find a program to best suit your needs, whether or not you already have an academic degree.

Not close to an Emerson Center?

If you have to travel large distances, have childcare or physical challenges or just want to augment learning with other courses not offered at a center, Emerson offers a wide variety and depth of distance learning courses. Check them out! We add courses on a regular basis.

Personalized Education Design

Degree and Certificate programs are designed to maximize the creativity of the student. Participatory learning precludes lecture-test methods and incorporates student interaction in small and large groups, working together on projects, research and experiential project development, student-driven formats, cooperative teaching, and goal-directed instructional modalities. This is a place where students can truly maximize their potential wherever they may be.

Ready to get started?

Reach out and let us know what you’re interested in pursuing!

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Emerson Theological Institute is owned, operated, and controlled by the Emerson New Thought Center, a 501c3 New Thought Church.  It is headquartered in Oakhurst, California near beautiful Yosemite National Park and is under the direction of Dr. Angelo Pizelo, its founder and director. Copyright Emerson Institute 2022 – All rights reserved