Continuing Education

The correspondence courses of the Continuing Education Program offer students the opportunity to do independent study, working at their own pace. This program is available to assist students by providing optional learning experiences that will help them develop their personal journey path through life. 

 We are on a continuous journey, and it’s important to expand through learning, to figure out who and what we are. It’s not just self-exploration, but incorporating others’ ideas and concepts. It’s about community, the growing together through the exchange of those ideas and concepts. Because of the importance of this work, mentorship is a vital part of this program. We welcome everybody who wants to make this journey with us!


PSCE 1201 Discovering Inner and Outer Space Through the Labyrinth

Unit: 3 CEUs
Book: Walking a Sacred Path by Lauren Artress
Description: This course shows the potential of the Labyrinth to inspire change and renewal and serves as guide to help develop the higher level of human awareness needed to survive in the 21st century. It will enliven the intuitive part of your nature and stir within your heart the remembrance of your purpose for living. It will give you the gift of being able to see the infinite in the context of the finite. This class was created and facilitated by Rev. Dr. Melissa Higginbotham.

PSCE 1202 Harnessing Intention For Healing

3 CEUs
Book:  The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart
Description: This course introduces the author’s remarkable findings from 10 years of experiments designed to discover how group intention can heal our lives and change the world for the better. You will learn to harness the collective energies of the Power of Eight and unleash the power you hold inside to heal your own life…and the world around you.

PSCE 1204 Healing Power of Sound and Consciousness

Unit: 4 CEUs
Book: Voicing the Sound Eternal: Transformational Power of Sound and Consciousness by Melissa Higginbotham
Description: Learn to ride the waves of sound and consciousness and expand the awareness of you as Divine Source. Spark spiritual healing and self-transformation on all levels by combining a focus on consciousness with toning and sound tools, including crystal bowls, percussion instruments, and color. Be shown the healing power of words and encryption and how to bring invocation into a session. Finally, learn how to facilitate a sound healing session aligned with Spiritual Mind Treatment.

PSCE 1206 Water, Vibration, and Consciousness

Unit: 3 CEUs
Book: “The Hidden Messages in Water” (2001) by Masaru Emoto
Description: This course introduces you to water’s ability to copy, memorize, and transport information. It will help you explore a different way of looking at the world, and peer through a window into another dimension to discover how the cosmos works.  And you will learn more about the power of words, and the positive effect that the vibration of good words has on our world. 

PSCE 1304A If Women Had Been the Storytellers

Unit: 3 CEUs
Book: “Cassandra Speaks” by Elizabeth Lesser
Description: In this course you’ll find the power and value of storytelling in the journey to build a truly equitable society. You’ll be shown how change in a culture starts with inner change. Finally, you’re offered a vision that transcends the either/or ideologies on both sides of the gender debate and provides inner tools to help all people be both gentle and powerful, caring and courageous.

PSCE 1305A Seeking the Sacred Through 12 Celtic Traditions

Unit: 4 CEUs
Book: “The Soul’s Slow Ripening” by Christine Valters Paintner
Description: Seeking the Sacred through 12 Celtic Practices: Celtic spirituality is an embodied spirituality, a path of poetry, creativity, and intuition. This course invites us to walk in and through 12 heart-expanding practices to become more aligned with creativity and wholeness. 

PSCE 6006A, Observing the Giants of the Deep

CE Units: 3
Book: “The Breath of a Whale” by Leigh Calvez
Description: In this course, you’ll learn all about a different consciousness within the animal kingdom. May you find it rewarding to take this pictorial and video tour of the cetaceans to deepen your connection with the natural world.

PSCE 6008A, Discovering Marsupials

CE Units: 2
Book: “Marsupials” by Nic Bishop
Description: In this course, you’ll learn all about a different consciousness within the animal kingdom. May you find it interesting to take this pictorial and video tour of the marsupials and gain some understanding of humanity’s role in this area of stewardship.

PSCE 6008B, Wisdom Through a Dog’s Eyes

CE Units: 2
Book: “My Dog, My Guru” by Gilles Moutounet
Description: In this course, you’ll share in some wise lessons learned from observing the dog Skottï, including living in the now, expressing gratitude for what we have, and being patient with the processes of life. Letting go and let dog might be the enlightenment and inspiration you need today!

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