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To help Emerson Institute expand its services to ministers and practitioners in the field, a new church, ENTC, has been created. It is literally a “church without walls” and embraces the entire planet as a potential congregation.

Ministers, practitioners and other graduates who want to serve their communities but do not have a church, may work through ENTC doing community outreach. Affiliates are certified through ENTC. This can be particularly helpful to those who want to have a hospital or prison ministry. It also will assist those whose ministry involves activities such as giving seminars or traveling to various centers to give seminars or classes.

An Affiliate membership newsletter, “New Thoughts” is published twice a year.  A member blog may be accessed at entc.wordpress.com. The fee for ENTC Affiliate membership is $120 for the fiscal year, July to July. ENTC Affiliates are asked to give a year-end summary of their work.

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Certified Affiliates

Rev. Linda Abalos  Escondido, CA  iynabalos@hotmail.com

Rev. Dr. Sylvia Louise Albright  San Diego, CA sylvergraymyst@gmail.com

Rev Iris Bentz-Horak  Escondido, CA  ronaldh0063@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Janet Marie Bradbury  San Diego, CA janetbrdbry@yahoo.com

Rev. Dr. Sara Bonfig  Phoenix, AZ  sara@journeydancer.com

Rev. Dr. Cassandra Butler  Myrtle Beach, SC  cassandrabutler152@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Sandra Passmore Byland  Sedona, AZ DRBYLAND@gmail.com

Rev. Ute Maria Cedilla  ElkGrove, Il  utemaria@highwatch.org

Rev. Dr. Don Chatfield  Sand Springs, OK dchatfield.forestofpeace@outlook.com

Rev. Ann Ciumei  Holbrook, NY revannc@aol.com

Rev. Lynn Collins  Encinitas, CA lcollinsrm@yahoo.com

Rev. Nancy Conklin  San Diego, CA fnconklin@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Victoria Cramer 
 San Diego, CA victoriacramer@hotmail.com

Rev. Dr. Linda Cullerton  Pomona,CA

Rev. Linda Damesek Prescott, AZ. lindadamesek@yahoo.com

Rev. Laura Kim DiDonato  Fallbrook, CA  worldancenarts@gmail.com

Rev. Deidre Emery  Carlsbad, CA demery8@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Edit Fejer  Surprise, AZ editfejer@gmail.com

Rev. Donald Fern  Sarasota, FL rule.62@comcast.net

Janice Fisher-Hobbs  Parker, CO  janicelea60@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Darrah Glynn, Oceanside, CA daraglynn@yahoo.com

Rev. Dr. Brian Graham  Fallbrook, CA revbriangraham@aol.com

Rev. Dr. Teresa Symons Graham  Fallbrook, CA  tjcunningham52@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Oscar Grant  Henderson, NV

Rev. Dr. Janet Greenlee  Cornville, AZ jj4vortex@cableone.net

Rev. Barbara Gulbranson  Granger, IN barbgulbran@cs.com

Rev. Linda Guy  Prescott, AZ  2linda.guy@gmail.com

Rev. Drs. Craig and Kris Haley  Phoenix, AZ drs.haley@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Hall  Alpine, CA marilynhall1@cox.net

Rev. Sarah Hans  San Diego, CA pracsarah4@aol.com

Horace Rick Harrell, RScP  Sacramento, CA  rickharrell@me.com

Rev. Mary Herman  Montgomery, IL mshdance12@aol.com

Rev. Dr. Melissa Higginbotham  Iron Station, NC ascendnow9@aol.com

Myshell Howler, RScP Sun City, AZ  apithanministries@gmail,com

Linda Kane  Albuquerque, NM  lindamk2008@yahoo.com

Rev.  Dr. John Karn  Duluth GA revjohnkarn@gmail.com

Rev. Peggy Kenner  Las Vegas, NV revepkenner@juno.com

Rev. Darlene Lacy  Indian Wells, CA darlenelacy@aol.com

Rev. Dr. Marie Lane

Rev. Laurie Levine  Wahroonga NSW Australia laurieleahlevine@aol.com

Rev. Dr. Evonne Levy  Parker, CO  Evonnelevy@live.com

Rev. Dr. Dia Lynn  Basalt, CO  dia.lynn4@gmail.com

Rev. Debbie Lousberg  Oceanside, CA  debbie@debbielousberg.com

Rev. Jamie Lee Rose Martin  Sedona, AZ  revjami@gmail.com

Rev. Cynthia May  San Diego, CA  cmay15@hotmail.com

Rev. James McCartney  Denver, CO growthskills@hotmail.com

Rev. Tiant McCrary Kennesaw, GA

Krystina L. Morgainne  Thousand Oaks, CA  krystina@thepotentialwithin.com

Rev. Linda Morris  South Gate, CA  revlindamorris@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Claudia Mulcahy  Carlsbad, CA spiritandmoney@me.com

Rev. Mark Obcamp  San Diego, CA

Rev. Dr. Melinda Olea  Pleasant Hill, CA melindaolea@comcast.net

Rev. Linda Patton  Wilmington, DE LLPATTON@aol.com

Rev. Arlette Poland  Palm Desert, CA arlette@powerthinking.us

Rev. Eileen Ramsey  Red Bluff, CA  reveramsey@att.net

Rev. Debbrah Reeves  El Cajon, CA. debbrahreeves@hotmail.com

Rev. Rita Rogers  Concord, CA  rmrrscp@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan  Grand Junction, CO revcarlaryan@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Michael Ryan  Grand Junction, CO  revdrmikeryan@gmail.com

Rev. Terry Scott  La Jolla, CA iamrevterry@yahoo.com

Rev. Dr. Lisa Stewart  Milwaukee, WI lisalauriestewart@gmail.com

Rev. LaDonna Susberry  Las Vegas, NV revepkenner@juno.com

Rev. Jerry Troyer  La Mesa, CA  revjerrytroyer@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Dr. Connie Thomas  Lake Havasu City, AZ  constance_thomas@hotmail.com

Rev. Linda Turner  Mission Viejo, CA  lindaturner@webtrix.net

Rev. Linda Tuttle  Titusville, FL  linda.turner5@cox.net

Rev. Catherine Valentine  Santa Fe NM  cvalentinerev@yahoo.com

Rev. Johanna van Gelder  Los Angeles, CA  johanna@poetrywithjohanna.com

Rev. Dr. Wanda Wainman  San Diego, CA revdrwanda@gmail.com

Rev. Cindy Waldon  Schaumburg, IL  cwd6708@yahoo.com

Rev Dr. Heike Ward  Olympia, WA  chapllain.heike@gmail.com

Rev. Mary Winston  Glide, OR  leplair@hotmail.com

Rev. Diane Wolcott Watson  St.Augustine, FL Drdianeww@gmail.com

Rev. Ginger Young  Albuquerque, NM gingerize@centurylink.net

Rev. Dr. Frank and Rev. Terry zumMallen  Atascadero, CA zumMallen@thegrid.net

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