Practitioner Credential

The Practitioner of Religious Science Credential Program requires 390 hours of instruction in Practical Spirituality, a one year Practitioner internship, as well as written and oral exams.


  • Completed Student Enrollment Application form
  • Payment of Fees

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Section A

Practical Spirituality 100 (6 semester units)
SOM 1 – 90 hours of instruction

Section B

Practical Spirituality 200 (6 semester units)
SOM 11 – 90 hours of instruction

Section C

Practical Spirituality 300 (8 semester units)
SOM 111 – 120 hours of instruction

Section D

Practitioner Internship. (6 semester units)
One year requirement


Includes: five case histories; five letters of recommendation showing five successful treatments; completion of the practitioner handbook.

Section E

Written and Oral Examinations


There is an examination fee of $100.

Section F

Sign the Practitioner Code of Ethics

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