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Online courses are actively being developed to meet the needs of Emerson Institute students. While additional courses are being created, you may consider enrolling in Correspondence Courses as well as Online Courses through Emerson Institute’s Distance Learning Program. Over 100 different courses are available.

Fees and Requirements

$75 per semester unit**
Cost of book(s) and other required materials.
Completion of Distance Learning Application form


**Animal Chaplain program excepted; please refer to Animal Chaplain course requirements for semester unit breakdown.


PS 107 New Thought Fundamentals
Units: 3
Book: “The Science of Mind” by Dr. Ernest Holmes.
Description: This course of study explores the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes and provides the essence of the Science of Mind philosophy.
Note: This course is offered as a distance learning course OR as an online course.

PS 721 New Science and Gnostic New Thought
Units: 1
Description: This is a one-unit course that describes the characteristics of Gnostic New Thought, and its relationship to some of the newer science theories. Gnostic New Thought is a new evolution of New Thought spirituality. The course covers Relativity Theory, Quantum Theory, the Big Bang and other scientific theories in layman’s terms; showing how these theories are aligned with Gnostic New Thought.

The course will have seven 2-hour sessions on Zoom, with one hour of background reading. Participants do not need any science background.

This course is created and taught by Rev. Dr. Robert Hand. Robert is an ordained minister of the Positive Living Center of Central California, and a board member of the Emerson New Thought Center.



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