Master of Religious Studies

36 Semester Units


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • New Thought Course of studies – 18 prior semester units (Unity or Religious Science)
  • Completed Student Enrollment Application form
  • Payment of Fees

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Section A

Practical Spirituality (12 semester units)


Each affiliated center has discretion to determine appropriate classes to offer under this section. Courses could embrace topics such as advanced studies in spiritual principles, mental equivalent, spiritual mind treatment, meditation and others which focus on treatment in applying spiritual principles to life’s journey.

Section B

Knowledge Courses (10 semester units)

These courses may be interchanged with Section C at the discretion of the affiliated center.


Each affiliated center has the discretion to determine appropriate courses to offer under this section . Knowledge classes generally include those that provide information about specific New Thought concepts, religion, philosophical ideas or biographies.

Courses could include topics such as comparative religions, spiritual origins of New Thought, and New Thought Bible interpretation. Also included could be themes of published books which focus on New Thought philosophical ideas.

Section C

Knowledge Courses (10 semester units)

These courses may be interchanged with Section C at the discretion of the affiliated center)

If the affiliated center feels it appropriate to offer more Section C-type courses, rather than Section B, those classes will meet the knowledge requirements of Section B.


Includes courses which enhance the individual’s inner development. Subjects include higher consciousness, prosperity, meditation, Zen, self-awareness, relationship, leadership, etc.

Section D

Project or Professional Paper (4 semester units)


Project may take the form of a New Thought course of study or a creation of a book or manual. All projects must have prior approval by Emerson Theological Institute and the designated affiliated center (if any).
The professional paper must contain 50-100 pages whose theme focuses on its application to New Thought. Guidelines will be sent to the student. Unit fee must be included with the final paper/project when submitted to Emerson for review and evaluation.

Section E

Written and Oral Examinations


Study guide is available upon request at the appropriate time. There is an examination fee.

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