Master of Humane Religious Studies

36 Semester Units


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Submission of Transcripts – if applicable
  • Completed Student Enrollment Application form
  • Payment of Fees

See NOTES section regarding credit for previous completion of Section A. Fee structure is $90.per semester unit for Section A; $75. per semester unit for sections B through F.Enroll Now

Section A

Passmore Animal Chaplain Program (18 semester units)


The semester units in the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program create additional depth and dimension for the Humane Religious Studies degree program. The student will gain the practical experience necessary to be successful in the field coupled with the experiential experience that will add full and rich dimension to their work.

Section B

Practical/Animal Spirituality (3 semester units)


Courses cover topics such as advanced studies in spiritual principles as it relates to all life, affirmative prayer, meditation and additional modalities which focus on mindfully applying spiritual principles to animals with whom we share our planet.

Section C

Humane Religious Studies (8 semester units)


Humane Religious Study courses are designed to raise awareness about animals from  moral, ethical or spiritual perspectives, and practices that acknowledge those viewpoints. Included will be world faith views on animals, early leaders in the field and will cover our spiritual relationship with animals, specifically, our relationship with them from ethical and moral perspectives.

Section D

Knowledge Courses (3 semester units)


This section could include courses of study already completed by the student at a secular or private college. Knowledge courses generally include courses that provide information about specific animal-centric and other concepts, religion, philosophical ideology or biography. Includes courses of study developed using themes of published books focusing on related beliefs.

Section E

Project/Professional Paper (4 semester units)


The professional paper must take for form of curricula for a two or three credit unit course offering for the Humane Religious Studies Degree Program and consist of 50 to 100 pages; guidelines will be sent to the student. Applicable unit fees must be submitted with the final paper or project for review and evaluation. Prior approval of the paper or project is required; final to be placed in the student’s file.

Section F

Written and Oral Examinations


Study guide available upon request at the appropriate time. Exam fee is $100.

Special Note

Previous graduates of the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program, completed either independently or under the auspices of Emerson, will receive a one-time credit for the 18 units noted in Section A. Those 18 semester units may be applied toward either a Humane Religious Studies Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree program if not already applied to another Emerson’s Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree. In such case, where credit for the Passmore Animal Chaplain program has already been applied to another Emerson Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral program, the student will complete 18 additional semester units in section(s) B and/or C to fulfill credit hour course requirement. Other completed Emerson courses may be applied to this program at the discretion of the department chair. Degree candidates who complete the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program by way of a Humane Religious Studies degree program will receive an Animal Chaplain credential upon successful completion of the Bachelor, Masters or Doctor of Humane Religious Studies program. To be eligible for ordination as an Animal Chaplain, under the auspices of Emerson Theological Institute’s Animal Chaplains, Inc., students must/must have, complete(d) one (1) year of verifiable internship/service work in this field. A non-refundable, $100 materials fee is required at the time of enrollment to cover administrative and shipping charges for the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program manual and study guide in Section A, if applicable.

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