Department of Humane Religious Studies

Emerson Theological Institute is the first theology school in the world to offer Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs in Humane Religious Studies. The cornerstone of Emerson’s Department of Humane Religious Studies is the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program. Once an Animal Chaplain completes the program and receives the Animal Chaplain Credential, he/she becomes eligible for full Ordination after completing one year of service in the field. Or, the Credentialed Animal Chaplain can go on and apply the semester units from the Animal Chaplain Program toward a degree in Humane Religious Studies.

Animal Chaplains may be called to spend time in nature The Humane Religious Studies degree offerings focus on the interconnectedness of all life and the presence of the Divine expressing in, through and as…all. It expands our perspectives and sensibilities about all animals and extends traditional models of kindness and compassion to include all species.

Each Humane Religious Studies degree program begins with the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program — a beautifully written, multidimensional program which inspires a deepening of our relationship with, not only companion but, all animals. The Animal Chaplain Program and all of the Humane Religious Studies degree programs are packed with invaluable lessons about providing local, and global, pastoral support to animals and those who share their world. It also provides each graduate with the practical tools that will enable him or her to build unique and inspiring ministries which support animals and those who love them.
…or to conduct Animal Blessings

Others may become local or national speakers about animals & spirituality
…or hold Memorial, Remembrance
…or other ceremonies for animals
…or create a music ministry for animals
…or write a book
…or go on to create ministries or organizations of their own

The study of Animal Spirituality is a new and emerging discipline seamlessly blending the worlds of faith and animal welfare and advocacy. Emerson Theological Institute is the first theology school in the world to offer this cutting-edge, pioneering, unprecedented curricula. Join us and become a part of a new and exciting level of service!
For more information about the Humane Religious Studies degree program or the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program, click here to contact department staff.

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