Certificates of Completion

The Certificate of Completion in Practical Spirituality comes in the form of a credential which indicates completion of all course requirements.

Practitioner of Religious Science Credential

The Practitioner of Religious Science Credential Program teaches the student the techniques to assist others in manifesting the healing process. A Practitioner treats for others by looking beyond the condition and seeing only the perfection of an individual as a life form of God. Students are taught how to do Science of Mind treatment and to use the five-step program to assist others in healing.

Animal Chaplain Credential

The Animal Chaplain Credential requires 16 semester units. Courses are selected from 4 areas of learning.

Animal Chaplain Ordination

Five additional units beyond the Animal Chaplain credential and one year internship service must be completed. The completion of this program may be credited towards a degree in Humane Religious Studies.

Ministerial Credential, Interfaith

The Interfaith Ministerial Credential provides the education necessary to establish a church, instructional center, hospital and prison ministry, ceremonial facility, grief services and ministry services.

Ministerial Credential, Religious Science

This program requires the Practitioner Credential to qualify for enrollment. The program provides the skills and knowledge to establish Religious Science Churches, ministerial instructional centers, hospital and prison ministry, personal and spiritual seminars and retreats.


Is it possible to take ministerial courses on line?
Yes, you can, but most of our students do this through our distance learning program. We send you the book and worksheets and you may work at your own pace, time and location.

Do I have to be affiliated with a church?
You need not be affiliated with a church. However, during your internship, you will need to provide some service ministry at a church of your choice, Religious Science, Unity, New Thought or some other.

What is the total length of time needed to become a minister?
If you do this through our distance learning program, then the length of time depends on how much time and effort you put into it. Course requirements.

What is the total cost to complete the ministerial program?
This depends on how you wish to complete the requirements and what classes you have already completed. If you do the courses on-line or at a center, the cost will vary based on what the center charges per class. Emerson’s distance learning classes cost $75 per semester unit plus the cost of the book.

How do ministers get started once they have completed the program? Do they just go out and start their own independent church?
Some of our graduates have started their own centers. Others have interviewed and been selected as a minister or even a senior minister at an existing center. Some do seminars, teach New Thought classes and work in such areas such as being a grief counselor, prison chaplain or other fields rather than run a church.

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