Animal Chaplain Credential

18 Semester Units


  • High School Diploma
  • Submission of Transcripts, if indicated
  • Completed Student Enrollment Application form
  • Payment of Fees

Previous graduates of the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program will receive full credit for verifiable, completed training upon receipt of a student enrollment application and fees. Tuition is $75. per semester unit. The entire program, including all requirements, materials and admin fees, final paper and exam, is $1600. for first time student enrollment/$1550. for previously enrolled students.

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Section A

Passmore Animal Chaplain Program (7 semester units)
Passmore Animal Chaplain Training Module I


The semester units in the Passmore Animal Chaplain Program lay the foundation and framework integral to the education of a capable and compassionate Animal Chaplain. The student will gain the practical experience necessary to be successful in the field coupled with the experiential experience that will add full and rich dimension to his or her work.

Section B

Knowledge Courses (7 semester units)
Animal Bereavement Facilitator Module II


Knowledge courses, in the field of Animal Bereavement, generally include texts that provide practical information about the multiple facets of the topic.  This coursework will expand on different spiritual support practices which includes affirmative and appropriate prayer as it pertains to companion—and the broader spectrum—of animals and people.

Section C

Humane Religious Studies Courses (3 semester units)
Animal Ministry Blueprint Module III


Humane Religious Study courses are designed to explore aspects of our spiritual relationship with animals, introducing concepts that inspire critical thinking and deep introspection from moral, ethical and spiritual perspectives.

Section D

Professional Paper/Project (1 semester unit)


The professional paper has a specific theme and template that Department Co-chairs will share with the students at the appropriate time.

Section E

Final Exam


The Final Exam will be completed in four parts, in conduction with the coursework in Module III.

Section F

Service Work/Internship (optional)


Upon completion of one (1) year of verifiable, active or retroactive Animal Chaplaincy field/service work, the credentialed candidate will be eligible for the additional honor of Ordination under the auspices of Emerson Theological Institute. Humane Religious Studies Department Chairs will determine eligibility and refer successful candidates for Ordination.


Special Notes

Those who have previously completed the original Passmore Animal Chaplain Program, prior to 2007, independent of Emerson, will receive credit for the 7 units already completed, but must satisfactorily complete the additional 11 semester units in sections B, C & D, to be credentialed by Emerson and be eligible for, if desired and qualified, Ordination. A candidate may be recommended for for Ordination upon successful completion of the Animal Chaplaincy program in its entirety, and the completion of a one (1) year Animal Chaplaincy service internship; verifiable retroactive service may be eligible. The semester units accrued in the Animal Chaplain Program may also be credited toward either, a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree in Humane Religious Studies (HRS), and at Emerson’s discretion, to other degree/credentiial programs outside the HRS department. In addition to fees of $100 for the program and $50 for the one time institute enrollment fee (if applicable,) a non-refundable $100 materials fee is required at the time of enrollment to cover administrative and shipping charges for the program’s manuals and study guide. Unless specified, tuition fees do not include book(s) which may be purchased from an establishment of the student’s choice, at their expense. Emerson provides students electronic copies of course materials whenever possible, to save the student from administrative fees and to be environmentally conscious. After graduation from the Animal Chaplain Program, students who wish to progress to an HRS degree will not be required to pay an additional program fee of $100.

**Emerson will work with students to facilitate the creation of a tuition payment plan that works for each student’s individual circumstances.

Rev 10-1-13

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