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Bachelors Degrees
A Bachelors Degree consists of a student completing 120 semester units, including a 4 semester unit professional paper.
Masters Degrees
A Masters Degree requires 30 semester units above the Bachelors Degree, including a 4 semester unit professional paper.
Doctoral Degrees
A Doctoral Degree requires 60 units beyond the Masters Degree that includes a 4 semester unit professional paper.
Certificates of Completion
The Certificate of Completion Programs lead to credentialing as a Practitioner, Animal Chaplain, and Minister.

Distance Learning

The correspondence courses of the Distance Learning Program offer students the opportunity to do independent study, working at their own pace. This program is available to assist students who are not able to attend regular classes due to handicapping conditions, family situations which prevent attendance, such as working single family parents, and also other constraints such as distance to a school or college.
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Dept. Humane Religious Studies

The Humane Religious Studies degree offerings focus on the interconnectedness of all life and the presence of the Divine expressing in, through and as all. It expands our perspectives and sensibilities about all animals and extends traditional models of kindness and compassion to include all species.
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Seminary of the Great Lakes

Seminary of the Great Lakes is an approved Emerson Campus.
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Emerson New Thought Center

Emerson New Thought Center is literally a “church without walls” and embraces the entire planet as a potential congregation. Ministers, practitioners and other graduates who want to serve their communities but do not have a church may work through ENTC.
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What kind of degree program is best for me?

Emerson offers degrees ranging from Bachelor of Religious Studies to Doctor of Religious or Spiritual Studies and Doctor of Divinity. Together with your advisor at registration you will find a program to best suit your needs, whether or not you already have an academic degree.
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